About us

About Us

Go back about 10 years ago Chef Poon has started his journey on the chef’s career. He began his career in the most famous Thai restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand named “Jitrara Pochana” where owns the best, ancient, and most original recipes. After 4 years experiences as the Sous Chef, Chef Poon was invited to be a cooking trainer in many institutes in Thailand and he also constantly got the opportunities to organize catering for many significant events all over Thailand which leads him to practice and improve skills, experience and also creativity about Thai cuisine. Afterwards by getting support from Jitrara Pochana, Chef Poon decided to develop his own skills about Thai cuisine in oversea country where open mind for the multi-culture like Australia.

With his knowledge and skills about recipe combined with a love of food, Chef Poon always put all attention into each cooking and preparing process to carry out the unique and outstanding taste. Chef Poon has accumulated all experiences and knowledge to be ready for his own established restaurant, Siam Signature Thai restaurant in Sans Souci.

Who We Are

When all customers have tasted the food prepared with fresh ingredients and using the best recipe combined with gorgeous presentation. At the same time I would like to maintain the authentic taste of Thai food. All of these are the substance that I wanted to pass directly to our customers.” Chef Poon

Back to approximately 60 years ago, when Siam had changed to Thailand, ‘The Land of Freedom’ From the past until now the origin of Thai food settled in the Thai’s lifestyle. Traditionally, Thai food was only cooked by simple methods like boiled, grilled, or stewed. However, Chinese cooking style had influenced and introduced some new methods to Thai culture such as deep fried, stir-fried or steamed. Around the 17th century, foreign cultures including Portuguese, Dutch, French, and also Japanese had interfered logically and naturally in Thai culture. Then Thai took those advantages to develop their own style from those influences. Thai or Siamese had conceived their own style of cooking with combination between various cultures. For example, Thai curry or soup which uses coconut milk instead of the dairy products or Thai stir-fried which contains a lot of Thai herbs especially Thai hot chili.

Why Choose US

Thai food is being loved worldwide as the food that rich in history and also flavors. Chef Poon has taken this opportunity to launch a Thai restaurant in Sydney where Thai cuisine is one of the top of mind cuisines. Siam Signature restaurant was begun with a love of Thai food and the need to share the original Thai recipes which cannot find much within Sydney, Australia. Hence Siam Signature has preserved the idea of “Traditional Thai food, original recipes and authentic taste” so Siam Signature presents the great quality of Thai cuisine which highlighted with the most authentic taste of the dish. Moreover, Siam signature also offers customers with an outstanding service from the second that customers walk in until they leave the restaurant. Customers will delight in a relaxing, nice and warm atmosphere within the restaurant as well as the traditional Thai food.

Once more and more people visit our restaurant to enjoy our food and service because the recommendation of their family or friends since then we are happily to serve customers with our promise that to keep our standard of food and also service every time of your visits.